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Chronos was founded by Sam Banuri in April 2018. Taking his more than 25 of experience in mortgage and finance he created an entity that covers every aspect of your financial needs while showcasing very specific values.

At Chronos our dedication goes beyond the call of duty. No matter what we are available 24/7 to help guide our clients to achieve their financial goals.

At Chronos Financial we understand the value of legacy. We want to serve you, the generation before you, and the generation behind you. Including specialty programs such as  “Give a child a million dollars”. Where we set your child up for an unfailing financial future.

Chronos Financial and Insurance Services offers a suite of products including Life Insurance, Mortgage & Refinancing, along with Estate Planning.

At Chronos Financial and Insurance Services we understand that the financial industry is ever-changing. We are diligent in maintaining compliance with the California Department of Insurance laws and regulations. We are also dedicated to remaining educated on the best financial products to offer our clientele.

Sam Banuri LAAM Partners Group




Sparkle Sims has been an entrepreneur since she was 11 years old. Her career in finance started with a captive insurance carrier 8 years ago. She led door-to-door campaigns solidifying her passion today for protecting and preserving family legacies. In her short time as CFO, Chronos Financial has grown from 2 states to 26 states. Additionally, Chronos has become a full-service agency. 


Steve Super was born in the United Kingdom and moved to Los Angeles 25 years ago.

Since that time he has built a number of financial companies throughout Southern California. He has extensive knowledge in all aspects of Consumer Law as it relates to Credit Repair, specifically challenging the bureaus and dealing with his clients’ credit issues that have arisen as a result of Bankruptcies, Medical Bills, Collection Accounts, Student Loans, and Identity Theft. He even challenges missed or late payments and in most cases, his knowledge of the law means he is in high demand because he gets outstanding results for his client 

His mantra is to deal with every client on a compassionate level. He never judges a person based on credit and works hard and effectively to make sure his clients hit the magic 700+ FICO score. While his knowledge in all aspects of Credit Repair is outstanding he works equally hard to educate as many people as possible so that they can maintain strong credit. 

Steve is a happily married family man who lives in West Hills, CA with a loving wife, two great kids and of course, an obligatory English Bulldog called BUGLY




Oscar Toledo has been in the insurance industry for over 20 years. Oscar relentlessly helps each client he works with by asking questions to identify any obstacles then provides real-world solutions to help achieve their retirement goals by leveraging annuities and other wealth-building options.



Joseph Setto is the manager for senior health plans at Chronos and has been helping Medicare recipients attain peace of mind for their healthcare needs. Also providing life insurance options to ensure a secure financial future for individuals and the ones they love, Joseph has been licensed and active in the insurance industry for over eight years.

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Aurora Córdoba comes from a career in operations and customer service with an emphasis on contract administration, team building, and staff development. A member of the National Notary Association since 2006, Aurora made the decision to begin a career in the insurance industry in 2016. Utilizing her skills and experience as well as her command of the Spanish language to build a team of helpful and knowledgeable agents, she is currently licensed in ten states and splits her time between Los Angeles and Nashua, New Hampshire. Aurora has a passion for service and a sincere desire to protect and educate families. 


Aurora Córdoba viene de una carrera en operaciones y servicios al cliente, con énfasis en administración de contratos y desarrollo de equipos y personal. Miembro de la Asociación Nacional de Notarios desde el 2006, Aurora tomo la decisión de empezar una carrera en la industria de seguros en el 2016. Utilizando sus habilidades y experiencia, tal como su dominio del idioma Español para crear un equipo de agentes serviciales y expertos, ella actualmente es licenciada en diez estados, y divide su tiempo entre Los Angeles y Nashua, New Hampshire. Aurora tiene pasión para servicio y un sincero deseo de proteger y educar familias.

AURORA Córdoba 

Licensed Field Underwriter- Notary Public



Marissa was born in San Antonio, Texas, and moved to Los Angeles 3.5 years ago. She has a
bachelor's degree in Criminology from St. Mary’s University. She has since been a versatile
professional in the creative arts with credits in Live Tv, on-stage productions, and live
performances. Marissa made the decision to shift to Life Insurance by receiving her license at
the beginning of 2021. She plans on utilizing her creativity to promote her new business on
social media and on helping her new community in the beautiful state of California. She is also licensed in Texas and intends to increase that number. Marissa is already helping her clients and their loved ones to financially secure their future and she is ecstatic for the countless
families that she will get to educate and assist.

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